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Our story  begins here :

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Hi WhyFIers! My name is Kriti ( pronounced Kri-thee) and I'm a freshman in high school. I am curious about how the world works and I have come to realize that money is an integral part of our society. No matter your race, gender, age or occupation, being comfortable with finances is a crucial component of our day to day lives. But learning about finances is boring. So, I am on a quest to make finances fun, relatable and interesting to us. I hope you can join me on this financial literacy adventure here at WhyFI Matters ( Why Financial Independence Matters), so we don't have to live in our parents' basement when we are older!

Besides working on WhyFI matters, you can find me playing tennis, exploring new cuisines, creating music, watching a Star Wars movie, reading a Harry Potter book or chasing my puppy!

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