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Kriti’s Five Favorite Episodes of 2021!

Here’s the latest on Biden’s push to increase workers’ minimum wage! According to the Wall Street Journal:

"Starting Jan. 30, all new contracts* or contract extensions will require the higher minimum wage, which will be indexed to inflation, the department said in announcing it had finalized a rule President Biden called for earlier this year."
*Note this rule applies for Federal Contractors at the moment

The next big thing in FINTECH is TEEN Banking. Step has brought in tons of more influencers since I last spoke with Tyler back in March (think Bugha or Noah Beck) More and more FINTECH companies are recognizing a growing customer base in the Genz population and there are so many startups focused on building banking products for us (I even did an episode with a startup investing app for teens recently, Bumper Investing). Pretty exciting!!

I really enjoyed speaking to Lauren! She’s a very bright student at SOAS University of London. With the threat of automation increasing unemployment and the financial hardship triggered by the pandemic, Universal Basic Income could be a potential solution. This was one of my favorite episodes because it was empowering to know our future is in good hands!

I mean who else is addicted to Netflix?? Netflix has such a good business model but an even better business mentality. Netflix is one of those companies with a ‘growth’ mindset and I think this relates to how some finance companies are being ADAPTABLE and cognizant of this day and age and are becoming FINTECH companies or even more, FINTECH companies for teens!

Out with the old and in with the new! Our money has power; where we invest our money can perpetuate racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, and climate issues. This concept might be overlooked and even I first started investing purely to make money. Buttt socially responsible investing can both make your portfolio grow and also help companies that are doing societal good! As we head into the new year, what companies will you invest in?


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